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Common business succession plan mistakes when estate planning

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Business Succession Planning, Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning in Florida, business owners must consider the future of their companies and how to ensure a smooth transition. Planning as early as possible is ideal since waiting too long can limit the options available and increase the risk of complications down the road.

However, several other common mistakes can hinder the effectiveness of business succession plans.

Failure to identify a suitable successor

In Florida, there are 3 million small businesses making up 99.8% of businesses in the state. Selecting the right person to take over your business is necessary. It is a mistake to assume that a family member is the ideal choice without considering the person’s skills and interest in running the business.

Similarly, even a capable successor may require training to take over the business successfully. Neglecting to provide adequate training can lead to operational challenges.

Lack of clear communication

Effective communication is key to a successful succession plan. Failing to communicate your intentions and expectations with both family and non-family employees can lead to confusion, resistance and conflicts.

Ignoring tax implications

Business succession can have significant tax consequences. Not considering these implications and not implementing strategies to minimize tax liability can result in financial burdens for the business and heirs.

Not creating a buy-sell agreement

A buy-sell agreement outlines the terms of selling or transferring the business. It can help ensure a smooth transition.

Failure to address employee retention

When a business changes hands, key employees may be uncertain about their future. Failing to address their concerns and secure their commitment to the new leadership can lead to a loss of valuable talent.

Ignoring business valuation

Accurate business valuation helps determine a fair selling price or transfer value. Many business owners in Florida make the mistake of neglecting this important step.

Also, some business owners put all their faith in a single succession plan. It is wise to have a backup plan in case the primary plan encounters unexpected obstacles. Another thing to keep in mind is that business environments change, as do personal circumstances. Failing to review and update the succession plan periodically can result in an outdated and ineffective plan.