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Bringing A Wealth Of Experience To Estate Administration

Probate, estate administration and trust administration are immensely sensitive issues that require the counsel of a reliable legal team. At Litvak Beasley Wilson & Ball, LLP, our eight attorneys have more than 150 combined years of experience and have earned numerous accolades between them.

They work with executors and personal representatives in the Florida Panhandle and southern Alabama to navigate the many complicated steps of estate administration and probate. If you are creating an estate plan or revising an existing one, our team can work with you to implement measures to protect your estate from probate and taxes.

Guidance Through The Many Duties Expected Of You

There are many duties required of executors and administrators in the wake of a loved one’s death. It is wise to rely on an attorney to ensure that you complete the steps correctly. You can turn to our empathetic lawyers to help you:

  • Administer trusts
  • Make probate as easy as possible
  • Pay tax penalties and resolve tax controversies

Clients going through the estate planning process also rely on us to:

By implementing certain strategies today, you can prevent the people you love from having to go through probate or pay heavy tax penalties tomorrow.

Solving Probate Disputes When They Arise

A will contest or another type of probate dispute can throw the entire process into chaos. Our capable civil litigators are prepared to resolve these disputes effectively through alternative dispute resolution methods or through litigation. They understand the emotional distress that these conflicts can cause. Their goal is achieving your goals while also emphasizing your well-being.

Turn To Our Trust Administration And Probate Team

For the capable, reliable probate and trust services you need, turn to our lawyers at Litvak Beasley Wilson & Ball, LLP. They can help; for more information or to schedule a consultation, please call our Pensacola office at 850-812-5515 or send us an email.